Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil vs. The Ordinary 100% Organic Virgin Sea-Buckthorn Fruit Oil

It was only recently that I’ve been trying out facial oils and I have to admit I was kind of skeptical by it. I have oily skin so putting oil on my skin that already produces so much sounded counterintuitive but there are people out there who literally swear by these facial oils and say they’ve changed their skin. So being the brave soul that I am, I decided to invest in a pricey facial oil and a more affordable one to see the difference. This post is a review on the two facial oils and which one I found more effective.

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Importance of Sunscreen

‘But it’s not sunny out, why do I need sunscreen?’’ Well, unless if you want to speed up the anti-aging process and look like a leathery bag, you need sunscreen. Sunscreen is important for your skin, but it’s often overlooked. It is an effective protective agent against the damage of the sun’s powerful rays. Remember you are not tougher than the sun, so lather on that skin screen!

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The Easiest Night Time Routine

Curating a skin routine is pretty difficult, you have to find products that work for you and your skin. After reading my previous post, you now know your skin type and you can curate your own skin routine. A skin routine is very important to maintain healthy skin and protects your skin from certain concerns such as acne, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dark spots.

Although, it might take that extra effort and you might just want to screw it all and just sleep in your makeup, take it from me when I say ‘’DON’T DO IT!’’ Sleeping in your makeup is the worst thing you could do for you skin. In this post, I’ll help you create a very simple skin nighttime routine. It won’t take too much time or too many products which will help it feel like less of a chore.

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Back to Basics- Figuring Out Your Skin Type

An important question that always arises when shopping for skincare is, ‘what the hell is my skin type?’ An essential part of skincare is figuring out your skin type. It’s the basis of everything and helps you determine which products are right for your skin. If you misdiagnose your skin type and use the wrong products, it can aggravate skin and lead to irritation, excess oil, breakouts or drying out skin which can create wrinkles or make them even more apparent. This post will help you find skincare products that are right for your skin type.  

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The Fight Against Acne

I’ve struggled with acne for years. I was pretty lucky to have clear skin throughout the three years of high school, but my breakouts got worse during senior year. Obviously, I freaked out and this caused my acne to get worse because of the stress and my skin didn’t like the fact that I was using almost every acne product out there hoping for a quick fix. I had to learn the hard way that clear skin doesn’t happen overnight, no matter what these celebrities with their photoshopped skin might say.

normalizing acne
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